Alternative Study Aids: Mnemonics and the Gift of Song

by Jason Giesler, Law Library Intern

Ranging from outlines to flash cards, the library has a wide-ranging variety of traditional study aids available for students. Different types of study aids work best for different people. For those who don’t respond well to the traditional outlines, notes, and flash cards, I offer links below to several entertaining alternatives.

Mnemonics is a memorization technique in which you form an acronym out of the first letters of a number of words. Mnemonics can be quite whimsical as they often form words which are fun to pronounce. Remember PEMDAS from Algebra or SOH-CAH-TOA from trigonometry? Luckily, there are several sites containing law school mnemonics available on the internet. Legally noted has some bar exam mnemonics available for property. Can‘t remember the elements of adverse possession? Try HELUVA- it must be Hostile, Exclusive, Lasting, Uninterrupted, Visual, and Actual. Davis legal also provides free access to a number of criminal law mnemonics. Trying to remember when specific intent is important? Use BAM ACTS: Burglary, Assault, Murder (1st degree premeditated), Attempt, Conspiracy, Theft, Solicitation.

Music videos are another entertaining form of study aid for law school examinations.  Being raised on Multiplication Rap-Ups, I am not ashamed to admit that I have relied on one or two of the following resources for the purposes of exam preparation. For those studying evidence here is a link to the famous lego video with the hearsay exceptions  under  Federal Rule 803.  Fans of the Eagles who are studying Constitutional Law will want to check out this song on the enumerated powers. One-Ls who like ukuleles may want to remember the words in this song on contracts.

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