Stress relief with Animals!

by Jason Giesler, Law Library Intern

With finals rapidly approaching there is always a need to find activities for relieving stress. Taking time out can help to improve test scores and lead to a better mood during finals.

Several ivy league libraries have apparently added animals to their collections for such de-stressing activities. Yale’s law library has added the school mascot, a bulldog, into its collection.  Not to be outdone, Harvard has recently added a 600lb Liger.  Once sought after for its magical powers, and memorialized in pictures, its nice to know that some libraries are allowing students to access the animal!

Though we do not sufficient shelf space and resources for animals, the SU Law Library offers several web links to help you de-stress with animals. For those interested in relieving stress with the school mascot, we have a link to a camera that is focused on a Red-tailed Hawk’s nest in Philadelphia. Finally, for those who are interested in de-stressing with more traditional pets, we offer a link to dogs in funny hats.