Law Library Alumni Services

Congratulations to our December graduates! We encourage you to continue using the law library for your information needs and research interests.  Alumni services include:

Alumni who purchase an annual $25 borrowing membership have access to additional services including:

For more specific information on alumni borrowing memberships and membership form, go to:

Alumni do not have access to:

  • Document delivery
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Restricted databases, such as Westlaw and Lexis except as indicated above
  • Printing

If you are interested in subscribing to online databases after graduation, in addition to contacting Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg about pricing plans, you might also consider other online vendors such as Versus Law at:, LOIS Law at:, or Fastcase:  Casemaker is available for free to members of the Washington State bar:  The library does not recommend any particular vendor over another and the above list is just a sampling of possible online database vendors.  We encourage you to investigate all of your options and find a plan that works best for your practice needs.

If you find yourself having to purchase materials for a library, you may want to consult The Legal Information Buyer’s Guide and Reference Manual by Kendall Svengalis (KF1.S84 Reference Desk) for detailed information on cost effective purchasing options and suggestions for specific materials.  For those of you setting up a solo or small firm practice, you might take a look at our Solo & Small Firm Practice Resources guide at:

Updated from November 22, 2013

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