Olympic Athletes and Nationality

The parade of athletes behind their national flag is always a highlight of the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games. But, in order for an athlete to compete for a given state, he or she must have a passport from that country. Are all those athletes marching behind a state’s flag true citizens of that state? Maybe not. The New York Times has taken up the issue with a debate on its Opinion Page which makes for interesting reading. Some law professors have weighed in on the issue. Find the debate here.


Library Artwork: Political and Judicial Caricatures

Study Room 306 holds several examples of political and judicial caricature portraits.

British newspapers from the Edwardian and Victorian eras are full of scandalous trials, giving the defendants and lawyers involved a certain celebrity status. Like modern tabloids, the newspaper reports captivated the public’s imagination through stories of intrigue, love, violence, and especially murder. The magazine Vanity Fair, which is still in print today, often published caricatures of well-known barristers and judges in their “Men of the Day” series, and likewise this period was instrumental to the development of our modern political cartoons and caricatures. Study Room 306 houses several pieces from this period, including two illustrations from Vanity Fair’s “Men of the Day Series” (The Tichborne Case, 1873; The Claimants Council, 1873), three caricatures by Edmond Xavier Kapp, and two prints of engravings by T. Woolnoth. (more…)


Check it Out: … And Justice for All

Watch Al Pacino in one of his early films as he plays an idealistic Baltimore defense attorney, Arthur Kirkland, who is fed up with the rampant corruption in the justice system. Check out … And Justice for All from the law library and watch as Kirkland is faced with moral decisions as he takes on the entire Maryland justice system.


Check it Out: Kramer vs. Kramer

Ted Kramer (Dustin Hoffman), a workaholic ad man, learns to care for his son when his wife Joanna (Meryl Streep) walks out on him. Ted becomes the ideal father and when Joanna returns to take custody of their son he takes the custody battle to court. Check out Kramer vs. Kramer from the law library.


Blog about Washington Workplace Law

The law firm Foster Pepper launched a blog about workplace law in Washington in 2011. The blog provides detailed entries about private and public employment issues, regulatory compliance, and wages. The site also includes reviews of reports and articles about employment and workplace issues.


Climate Change and Business Opportunities

Want to learn about business opportunities and legal issues in global climate change and sustainable development? Check out the K & L Gates Climate Change Report. This website includes current information about regulatory compliance, litigation, financial incentives, legislation, and other topics.


Law Librarians Convene

On July 21-24 this year, the American Association of Law Libraries will hold its annual meeting in Boston. As always, Seattle University will be represented at the conference. Law librarians discuss issues like subscription access to legal materials rather than purchasing books, licensing agreements, access to information on a variety of devices and platforms, and a vast array of other topics ranging from legal history to the future of the profession. If you would like to see the full conference offerings, you can look at the AALL website.


Check it Out: The Contender

In this political thriller the president of the United States (Jeff Bridges) must choose a new vice president when the current one suddenly dies. His decision to pick Sen. Laine Hanson (Joan Allen) is criticized, and her political enemies search for any incident in her past that will bring her down. Check out The Contender from the law library and watch a great performance by Joan Allen as her character stands up to the scrutiny of her past.


Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Whatever you think of statistics, there will come a time when you need them to support a legal argument. ProQuest Statistical Insight can help you find what you need. Available through the Library catalog, this easily searchable database includes numbers from government and other sources starting from 1974. Start with a broad search and use the filters to narrow your results to precisely the data set you need.


Faculty Publications

Law School faculty publications are included in the Library collection whenever possible. Many of them are displayed in exhibit cases on the main floor of the library, but you can find circulating copies of many faculty books on the East wall of the Reserve section of the Library.