Library Artwork: “The Great Human Race: The Counselors”

“Knowledge” from the “The Great Human Race: The Counselors” series

John L. Doyle’s “The Great Human Race: The Counselors” (1985) series is difficult to miss in the library. Comprised of ten pieces, each color lithograph is accompanied by a monochrome copy as well as a brief explanation of the cultural symbols and history at work in each piece. “The Counselors” series seeks to visually represent the relationship between mankind and law, and Doyle invested over a decade to studying the anthropological and ethnographic background for each image. The individual pieces included here represent the concepts different societies have utilized in the formation of their laws:

  • Renewal (Study Room 302)
  • Judgement (Rm. 303)
  • Equity (Rm. 304)
  • Authority (Rm. 305)
  • Knowledge (Administrative Offices, 3rd Floor)
  • Harmony (Rm. 402)
  • Obligation (Rm. 403)
  • Custom(Rm. 404)
  • Truth (Doorway to 4th floor faculty area)

“Renewal” in Room 302

Doyle was born in Chicago in 1939 and received degrees in art from the Art Institute of Chicago and Northern Illinois University. Listed in Who’s Who in American Art, Doyle has received numerous awards, and his work has appeared in national and international showings. In addition to The Counselors series, Doyle also created The Medicine Men and The Builders for “The Great Human Race,” depicting man’s relationship with medicine and architecture, respectively.

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