The Petraeus Affair, Jill Kelley and Inviolability

Looking for some mind popcorn to watch on TV while eating dinner the other night, I switched on Entertainment Tonight. Naturally, the lead story dealt with the convoluted Petraeus affair and spotlighted the role of Jill Kelley, who had sought the assistance of a Tampa, Florida F.B.I. agent to investigate a series of nasty emails she presumably received from Petraeus’ paramour, Paula Broadwell. To keep the press at bay (and off her property), Ms. Kelley advanced the notion that as honorary consul for South Korea her property was “inviolable”, a term I never thought I would hear on this particular program. Would her property qualify as consular premises under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations? You decide… And, by the way, South Korea is reconsidering her honorary consul status.


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