Legal Apps to Keep You Connected

One of the best parts of having legal apps for mobile devices is the ability to stay up-to-date on all the latest news. Whether you’re trying to stay up-to-date with the profession as a whole, or if you’re interested in tracking the latest developments in specific areas like Electronic Discovery, there are several great apps to keep you informed.

LegalEdge from JD Supra is one of the most comprehensive legal news apps available. This free app covers many different areas of the legal profession with updates, news, and recent case filings. Among the many subtopics covered are Labor & Employment, Immigration Law, Legal Marketing, and Communications & Media.

Need your political fix, or just curious about the latest news from the Senate? The Real Time Congress app provides real-time updates from both the House and Senate floors. The app also covers Floor Updates, Whip Notices, Hearings, and provides select government documents for you to read over at your leisure.

With your LexisNexis account, CourtLink provides information on newly filed cases, developments in existing cases, and recent court docket activity. By setting up Alerts and Tracks through CourtLink, you can get the latest news from any device.

Other apps to keep you connected and up to date: