Featured Database: Hein Online Congressional

Many people have used Hein Online to access law review articles that are beyond the scope of coverage for Westlaw and Lexis, but the law reviews are just the tip of the iceberg of Hein Online’s content. One of the most useful collections on our Hein subscription is the U.S. Congressional
Collection. The U.S Congressional Collection on Hein has full text scans of the images for each page of the Congressional Record back to its inception in 1873. The collection also includes the three previous iterations of the Congressional Record: the Congressional Globe Vols. 1-46 (1833-1873); Register of Debates in Congress Vols. 1-14 (1825-1837) and the Annals of the Congress of the United States 1st Congress to 18th Congress (1789-1824).

Both the Daily Edition of the Congressional Record (the “newspaper” like edition that reports the daily events in Congress) and the Bound Edition (the formal edition that has been corrected, revised, and edited and can include later insertions by members of Congress) are available in the Congressional Collection.  Hein’s Daily to Bound Locator is a handy tool that cross-references the pagination between the two editions.

The handiest feature on the U.S. Congressional Collection, however, is that all versions of the Congressional Record going back to 1789 Annals of Congress are full text searchable. When you think that prior to our acquisition of the U.S. Congressional Collection, these materials had to be painstakingly researched using microfiche – this is, indeed, an incredible resource to have at our fingertips.  Hein Online is available through the law library.

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