Featured Database: WSBA Deskbooks through Loislaw

An indispensable fixture in many law offices, Loislaw now offers online access to all of the deskbooks published by the Washington State Bar Association. Loislaw provides access to deskbooks in 14 different topical areas, ranging from Estate Planning to Motor Vehicle Accidents. Coverage of prior editions is quite broad, as it includes all deskbooks published between 2001 and the present.

Each deskbook available through Loislaw can be accessed via two methods. First, there is a search engine that allows search each deskbook. Second, there is a link to the table of contents for each deskbook. Users browsing by subject can follow the links to the table of contents and search through the topics in order to find relevant sections.

Deskbooks are one of the first places to look when faced with questions that require research.  In addition to annotated statutes and case indexes, deskbooks are an excellent source for those looking for cases and statutes on particular topics. Nearly every deskbook section is heavily footnoted with cites to relevant cases and statutes. Further, Loislaw provides online access to the latest supplements for each deskbook, so that updated information is available.

The information in the deskbooks is broken into sub-topics in a way that makes it easy for the practitioner to answer questions that are frequently asked by clients.  Say, for example, that you have a client who wants to know whether he has a claim, where he totaled his car after running into a cow on the highway. The second edition of the Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook provides an answer to the question in Section 4.4 (1) One Car Collisions – Actions by the Driver – Collisions with Animals.

Overall, deskbooks are an invaluable resource for practitioners seeking information on Washington Law. The library is excited to provide online access to the deskbooks, so that you can obtain the information regardless of where you are located!

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