Check it Out: Michael Clayton

A powerful New York law firm calls in its “fixer,” attorney Michael Clayton (George Clooney), when their top litigator turns whistleblower in a multi-billion dollar case. Check out Michael Clayton from the law library and watch as Clayton must choose between ethics and loyalty.



This is a reminder that the law library purchases one copy of each casebook that is used for first-year classes taught at SU Law.  It is available for students to use in our Reserve collection.  The library does not purchase casebooks for upper division courses.

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Check it Out: Let Him Have It

Based on one of Britain’s most controversial murder trials and convictions, Let Him Have It is the story of the case against Derek Bentley. Bentley was an impressionable young man in 1950s England who befriends a group of petty criminals lead by Christopher Craig. Craig has a fondness for American Gangster movies, which can only lead to trouble.


Check it Out: The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell

Court-Martial of Billy MitchellThe Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, starring Gary Cooper, is the dramatization of Brigadier General and World War I aviation hero Billy Mitchell’s court-martial and the events that lead up to it. Mitchell attempts to get his superiors and the public to see the necessity of a modernized air force after the air force’s crucial role in winning World War I. When his superiors fail to listen, Mitchell sets out to change their minds, but his public criticism of them leads to his demotion and court-martial.


Check it Out: Witness for the Prosecution

Witness for the Prosecution is based on the short story by Agatha Christie. Sir Wilfred Robarts (Charles Laughton), a barrister in ill health, takes on the case of a young man, Leonard Vole (Tyrone Power), accused of murdering a rich, older woman who had made him her benefactor. The case becomes complicated when Vole’s wife Christine (Marlene Dietrich) shocks everyone with her testimony against him. The surprises continue until the truth is discovered in the shocking conclusion.


Check it Out: Silkwood

Based on a true story, Karen Silkwood (Meryl Streep) is contaminated by radiation at the plutonium processing plant she works at. When she complains about the safety violations within the plant, she becomes a threat to the entire nuclear industry as well as the government agencies that are supposed to monitor it. Check out Silkwood from the law library.