Trick or Treaty: Fun with International Law

Researching a paper? Have work-related research questions? Law librarian research talks can get you on the right path. Sessions last thirty minutes.


Should Attorneys for Children be a Right in Washington?

foster_care_theofelis_burskas_fit_600x600Several former foster kids think so and are urging Washington state legislators to move on stalled legislation that would require all foster kids be provided attorneys in family court cases where parental rights have been terminated.  (more…)

Salem Witch Trials

salemexamofIt is that time of year–getting “colder than a witch’s . . .” and all that.  Talk turns to goblins, ghosts and witches.  It’s a good time for those in the legal world to study the Salem witch trials.  (more…)

Popular Law Videos/DVDs

5490117951_76139877e7_mNeed a break from reading law books?  The Law Library has a collection of popular legal videos like Witness for the Prosecution, My Cousin Vinny, and The Thin Blue Line.  The videos are located in Reserve. You can browse our feature films at

Civil Procedure

It’s about as exciting as watching paint dry, but trials are won and lost on knowing exactly how to work with the rules of the game, and that’s exactly what Civ Pro is. You can learn the basics to make your class easier with this research guide written by Kelly Kunsch.

Today in Legal History: Volstead Act Passed

The Volstead Act, more popularly known as prohibition, was passed on October 28, 1919.  It was named after Andrew Volstead, the congressman who sponsored the legislation. While at first bans on alcohol were attempted on a state level, it soon became a national movement.


Today in Legal History: Digital Millennium Copyright Act Signed into Law

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) incorporated two major World Intellectual Property Organization treaties into American law on Oct. 28, 1998.  The DMCA criminalized circumvention of copyright protection/anti-piracy measures built into software and distribution or sale of code-breaking devices; however, it allowed circumvention in specific circumstances (e.g. encryption research).  The DMCA also addressed liability for Internet Service Providers and non-profit educational institutions.

Additional information is available at:

Check it Out: Quiz Show

Directed by Robert Redford, Quiz Show portrays the changing values of society in 1950s America. The most popular quiz show Twenty-One was revealed to be a fraud by a Washington investigator, and both the ex-champ (John Turturro) and the current popular champion (Ralph Fiennes) are part of the scandal.

Trick or Treaty: Fun with International Law

Researching a paper? Have work-related research questions? Law librarian research talks can get you on the right path. Sessions last thirty minutes.

Treaties are central to international law. We’ll explore some tricks for finding them, assessing their applicability, and gathering useful commentary … all in 30 minutes.

Come by Room 309 at noon, Oct. 31, to hear Bob Menanteaux give his talk!


Today in Legal History: United Nations Established by Charter


In the aftermath of World War I, the League of Nations was established to prevent further war.  President Woodrow Wilson was an enthusiastic proponent.  Although the League established several agencies and successfully negotiated agreements, it was considered a failure upon the outbreak of World War II.  Many of its problems were structural; the League had no military force or enforcement authority and the United States was not a member.

As World War II continued, countries were forced into closer cooperation.  When the war ended, many believed the League needed to be replaced.  Its successor was the United Nations.  The UN inherited several of the structures established by the League of Nations with the addition of enforcement authority.  The United Nations was named by Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

More information available at:

  • Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements, by Jan Edmund Osmanczyk; edited by Anthony Mango, 4 volumes, Reference Desk – KZ4968.O86 2002
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