Library Artwork: Kenna Moser and the Art of Collage

Bainbridge artist Kenna Moser’s unique collage paintings can be viewed throughout the library.  Four of Moser’s pieces are located in the main library stairwell between the second and third floors, and a fifth is located by the Reserve computer workstations.  Originally from Ontario, Moser studied art at Queens University before moving to Palo Alto, CA, and later to Seattle with her family.  Moser is now located in Bainbridge Island.  Her blend of antique letters, collage, and paintings has quickly become her signature visual display.  “I am inspired by artists who work with their own visual language, passions and quirks,” Moser says in her statement on the Forre & Co. Gallery website.  “I believe that the path to the universal is through the personal, that you can only really paint what you know.  My work is intertwined with my life.  Images are gathered from trees, ferns and feathers found in the woods and stream behind my studio or gleaned from my garden.”

Each of Moser’s pieces is first begun with a piece of vintage text, positioned on a wooden box along with other collage elements.  Glued into place, the collage is then painted over with hot beeswax, Moser’s signature style.  The cooled beeswax coating is then set and smoothed over to produce a glass-like effect.  Moser’s pieces are generally not grand-scale operations, but smaller pieces.  In an interview with, Moser explains, “Big paintings come at you.  Little ones require you to approach them and experience them in a small space.”