New Books in the Library

The New Books collection is located directly in front of the reference desk.

Ann M. Israel, Advice for the Lawlorn: Career Do’s and Don’ts From One of the Most Successful Legal Recruiters in the Country (ABA 2014) LAW-New Books KF299.I5I835 2014

Advice for the Lawlorn is Ann Israel’s compilation of some of the highlights and lowlights of her Advice to the Lawlorn column over the column’s 20 plus year history in the New York Law Journal. Anonymity of the readers’ letters lead to candid questions and no issue is left unanswered or unaddressed.

Each chapter comprises a series of questions that have been posed to the author in a “Dear Abby” style and she responds in kind. She covers a range of topics from how to write a resume that will impress a hiring manager at a law firm, to changing firms/jobs mid-career, to office etiquette, to becoming a partner, and beyond.

Her advice ranges from the tactical to the practical and covers the entirety of a lawyer’s career—from law school through partnership and even to the winding down of a legal career. Much of her advice is timeless, but some of it is specifically useful for today’s legal field. (adapted from the publisher’s description)

Joan R. M. Bullock, How to Achieve Success After the Bar Exam: A Step-by-Step Action Plan (ABA 2014) LAW-New Books KF300.B853 2014
Law school can seem like a treadmill, there are assignments, projects, internships, interviews, and exams that all come in quick succession. Immediately after graduation, bar prep begins. What do you do once you pass the bar and “the rubber hits the road?” This can be an overwhelming time for many recent graduates. How to Achieve Success After the Bar Exam outlines an eight week plan to help transition recent graduates into a law practice. This workbook outlines daily activities to help:
• Define and articulate your vision of your legal practice;
• Seek out and acquire relationships with lawyers and other professionals that can enhance your ability to service your clients;
• Demonstrate your value to clients, prospective clients and strategic alliances;
• Plan and implement systems for the orderly administration of the business of your practice; and
• Develop simple metrics by which your can hold yourself accountable and to gauge your progress.