1 Million Downloads!

The Seattle University School of Law Digital Commons is the institutional repository of Seattle University School of Law. It is designed to provide centralized open access to our scholarship, activities, publications,and history. The repository hit one million downloads over the weekend, with over 300,000 of those downloads occurring in the past year alone!

Faculty Scholarship

Access faculty scholarship published in the Seattle University Law Review, the Seattle Journal for Social Justice, and other selected publications.

Centers, Programs, and Events

A showcase of the activities of our centers and institutes, as well as special law school events.

Law School Publications

Included in this collection is The Lawyer, which is the official magazine of Seattle University School of Law, and is published for alumni and friends of the law school.

Student Publications and Programs

There are three official student-run legal periodicals: Seattle Journal of Environmental Law, Seattle Journal for Social Justice and Seattle University Law Review. The student members participate in writing assignments and the editorial process thereby improving their writing skills and research techniques.

Law School Archives

The archives will house materials about the law school’s history and legacy. Stay tuned for additional photographs, documents, and video footage. Check out the collection READ Posters featuring our faculty members!

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