You may have heard Hamilton is coming off the $10 bill, but, in response to the extreme popularity of ‘Hamilton’ (the Musical), Hamilton is here to stay. Did you know that Seattle University’s undergraduate library has the book that inspired the musical? Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow is available in the Lemieux Library on the 4th Floor at E302.6 H2 C48 2004. And if you like the musical and biographies of the founding fathers, you’ll love Originalism (the judicial interpretation of the constitution that aims to follow closely the original intentions of those who drafted it). Here are two books we have on Originalism:

Living Originalism by J. M. Balkin, Available at SU Law Library LAW-4th Floor (KF4552.B35 2011)

Originalism: A Quarter-Century of Debate by Steven G. Calabresi, Available at SU Law Library LAW-4th Floor (KF4749.A2O75 2007)

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