New Walkover Collection Title: Preparation for the Next Life

Preparation for the Next Life / Atticus Lish.

Winner of the 2015 Penn/Faulkner award.

Author Atticus Lish brings forth his readers’ empathy and understanding while unravelling this story wrought with difficult truths. … “Preparation for the Next Life is a document of the undocumented and an unlikely love story between a Chinese Muslim immigrant, Zou Lei, and a traumatized Iraq War veteran, Skinner. [The book] forces readers to look squarely at a host of the failures plaguing contemporary American society.” (Penn/Faulkner award review, 4/7/15).

In creating this attention worthy novel, author Atticus Lish referenced his “brief” tour of duty with the Marines and his passion for teaching/studying the Chinese language.

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