Washington’s “Legislatively Recognized Days”

Everyone knows the major holidays observed by the country (and consequently the state). However, Washington’s Legislature has created a list of “legislatively recognized days.” They are listed below. And sorry, the statute specifically states they “may not be considered legal holidays for any purpose.” So no time off. Here are the dates and days (RCW 1.16.050):

(a) The thirteenth day of January, recognized as Korean-­American day;

(b) The twelfth day of October, recognized as Columbus day;

(c) The ninth day of April, recognized as former prisoner of war recognition day;

(d) The twenty­-sixth day of January, recognized as Washington army and air national guard day;

(e) The seventh day of August, recognized as purple heart recipient recognition day;

(f) The second Sunday in October, recognized as Washington state children’s day;

(g) The sixteenth day of April, recognized as Mother Joseph day;

(h) The fourth day of September, recognized as Marcus Whitman day;

(i) The seventh day of December, recognized as Pearl Harbor remembrance day;

(j) The twenty-­seventh day of July, recognized as national Korean war veterans armistice day;

(k) The nineteenth day of February, recognized as civil liberties day of remembrance;

(l) The nineteenth day of June, recognized as Juneteenth, a day of remembrance for the day the slaves learned of their freedom; and

(m) The thirtieth day of March, recognized as welcome home Vietnam veterans day.