Check in with Katie Brown

This summer, we would like to share a series of profiles on our former library interns and alumni of Seattle University School Law. We love to hear what they’re up to!

Where do you work and what is your role?
Charleston School of Law, Deputy Director of the Law Library

What do you enjoy most about your job?
That it is different every single day. One day in the library could have me teaching, managing student employees and other librarians, meeting with the dean, performing faculty research, gathering statistics or writing a survey or blog post. I recently took over the Instagram feed for the library and I am having a blast as it taps into my passion for both photography and social media marketing.

What did you do before law school, and what led to you pursue a law degree?
I was an acting teacher in the suburbs of Chicago. I loved teaching but I was a bit lost in my career. The school where I taught had an attorney on staff that handled grant writing and all things IP. We started talking and he planted the seed that I may be interested in becoming an entertainment attorney. As the year went on I decided law school was the next step for me. I moved back home to Maine for a year to save money and get my applications together and after that year I found myself moving across the country to Seattle, Washington.

What have you found most valuable during your law school education?
This is going to be an odd answer…my opportunities in law school helped me to discover that I did not want to be an attorney. Through experiences with Washington Lawyers for the Arts, the Law Library, Choices conference, the art clinic and candid conversations with professors I learned I was not happy performing “attorney tasks” and that I could use my JD as a dual degreed librarian. I truly love what I do and if not for the opportunities in law school, I could very easily be miserable today as a practicing attorney.

What advice do you have for SU students or grads?
Listen to your inner voice, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and take risks you will learn so much more when you don’t operate from fear. Finally, for those trying to get a job, remember you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. What looks good on paper may not be the ideal job in reality.

What was your most memorable experience in the library or at SU generally?
In general I gained some wonderful mentors. One specific project that still brings me joy when I think about it was the Brown v. Board exhibit. That project was a behemoth, but I learned a great deal and in the end had a really cool visual piece to display in the library.

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