Westlaw help-Resolving printing or downloading issues

Have you ever used Westlaw, clicked on the link “View Westlaw Reporter Image (pdf)” (which should give you a digital image of the original document) and had the screen flash but nothing happened?  A call to the Westlaw representative (from link on Westlaw homepage), revealed that Westlaw users frequently encounter problems with viewing, downloading or printing, particularly with pdf files.  Many of these are caused by the “security” of your internet browser, it is blocking pop-ups.  So here are a couple of fixes. (more…)


IBM: Next Five in Five

IBM Labs has released the latest installment of its “Next Five in Five” series which chronicles the technological innovations we can expect to see in the next five years. New advances on the horizon include cell phones with holographic cameras; personalized commuting using new predictive analytic technologies; and, the emergence of the citizen scientist who passively provides massive data sets for research. See the list illustrated on YouTube.

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=anKiEoxkpxM]


Interested in Law and Technology?

There are several law journals that deal with the intersection of law and technology including:

The journals cover topics ranging from domain names and trademark to gene doping to technology used in the naturalization process to the search and seizure of digital devices to using neuroimaging as evidence. You can usually access their current issue online for free at the journal’s site.  Some also have online archives. You can also access them on Lexis, Westlaw and Hein.




Free Legal Tutorials at CALI

CALI's Logo.
As you are starting your new classes, we’d like to remind you about CALI lessons.  If you are unfamiliar, CALI lessons are interactive tutorials on a wide range of legal subject areas.  Lessons are completely free for our law students. They are useful for mastering material during the semester and for exam preparation.  Of particular note, librarian Kelly Kunsch has authored a CALI lesson on primary resources in Washington.

When registering a new CALI account, you must use our school’s authorization code to create the account. You can get the authorization code at the Reference Desk. You only need to use this authorization code once. After that, you will use the email and password you created when you signed up.  DVDs with the lessons are also available at the Reference Desk.


There’s a Government App for That

Have you ever stood in the security line at the airport and couldn’t remember if you could bring your leatherman on the plane? There’s an app for that.

Have you ever gone to the toy store and wondered if the ball you were about to purchase for your 7 year old niece was the one recently recalled for lead poisoning and explosion hazards? There’s an app for that.

Have you ever met a shady character at a bar and were convinced that he must be on the FBI’s Most Wanted list? There’s an app for that.

Download apps (mostly for the iPhone) or access mobile sites from the TSA, FDA, FBI and more at the USA.gov mobile apps page.

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Kindle for Android App is Here

If you have an Android phone, your wait is over.  You can download the Kindle app for Android from the Android Market now. Or use your phone’s barcode reader and scan the QR Code below.



Using “Show Options” on Google

“Show Options” is an underutilized feature available on Google that will help you refine your search quickly. At the top of the standard search results page you’ll see a link labeled “ + Show Options”. Click on this link to see several filtering alternatives. Using this feature you can focus your results by timeframe; limit your retrieval to images, news, blogs or books that discuss your search terms; cut down on the number of shopping sites displayed; or translate your search and see results from foreign sites. Of special interest is the “wonder wheel” option that shows concepts and search results related to your terms.


Google to Students: All Your Voice Are Belong To Us

Are you a student?  Unable to score a Google Voice Invite?  Not afraid of Google having access to all of your voicemail and phone activity too?  Tired of paying for text messaging?  Well then Google Voice for Students is for you.

Sign up and you can get voicemail incomprehensibly transcribed and sent to your email like this one: (more…)


Get your SU fix with Twitter

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Following the law library via Twitter may be the easiest way to keep up on the latest law library news and research tips.  But did you know that there are other tweets you can follow to bring you up to date on the law school and main campus happenings?

  • sulawlib The latest news and research tips from the law library
  • seattleulaw Links to law school news and posts from law professors
  • seattleu SU campus news and information
  • su_athletics The latest updates and scores from your Seattle U Redhawks
  • SUBellHall Check out what our neighbors in Bellarmine Hall are tweeting about
  • SU_Spectator Tweets from the Spectator, the SU student newspaper


Apps for Lawyers and Law Students too!

[picapp src=”0/2/f/2/ad.jpg?adImageId=5864769&imageId=1173297″ width=”500″ height=”335″ /] ABA Journal recently wrote about 70 Sizzling Apps.  The apps are for various mobile devices like iPhones and BlackBerries. The apps help with document review, legal research, and time management – all apps that might be useful for a law student or new law graduate.