1L Information

We met many of the new students during the recent library 1L orientation, but if you were unable to attend, here is a summary of some of the most important things we covered:

Library Survival Guide
If you need information about law school in general, briefing a case, or outlining, consult our new student guide at http://lawlibguides.seattleu.edu/newstudent.

Study Aids

The library has a variety of study aids located in our reserve section including: Nutshells, Hornbooks, Examples and Explanations, Emanuel Law Outlines and Gilbert Law Summaries.  For specific titles see our Finding Study Aids Guide at: http://lawlibguides.seattleu.edu/studyaids.

The library maintains one copy of each required first year casebook in the Reserve area for two-hour check-out (no overnight checkouts).  The first year casebook collection is to be used for quick reference or limited photocopying and is not intended to be a substitute for purchasing casebooks.  The library does not purchase copies of required supplementary materials/handouts or upper division course materials.  

Study Rooms

Study rooms can be reserved for your study group.  It’s a two hour maximum per day per group.  For more information, visit: http://www.law.seattleu.edu/library and click on the links under Study Rooms and Equipment Requests.


Casebooks in the Law Library

The law library owns one copy of each casebook in current use for all first-year classes.  The copies are shelved in the Reserve section of the library and can only be checked out for two hours (or used in the Reserve area without being checked out).  Unfortunately, the law library does not purchase casebooks for upper division course–too many classes and casebooks (as all law students know) are quite expensive and constantly publish new editions. 



This is a reminder that the law library purchases one copy of each casebook that is used for first-year classes taught at SU Law.  It is available for students to use in our Reserve collection.  The library does not purchase casebooks for upper division courses.

Study Aids



The law library attempts to purchase one copy of every casebook used in core first-year courses. Because it is only one copy, you should not plan on using it instead of finding access to your own copy. The law library does not purchase casebooks for any upper level courses unless requested by a professor. The number of offerings would make the cost prohibitive and would end up being passed on to our law students.

For a list, see our 1L Casebooks in Reserve list available on our First-Year Law Student Resource Guide.