Today in Legal History: First Continental Congress Met

The First Continental Congress met on September 5, 1774 in Carpenters’ Hall in Philadelphia.  Every colony except Georgia sent delegates.  The delegates included John Adams, Samuel Adams, George Washington, John Jay and Patrick Henry.  The First Continental Congress formulated some common goals and produced a list of grievances against Britain.  The Congress disbanded on October 26, 1774.

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New Session in Congress

January 3, 2013, is the start of the 113th Session of Congress. What that means as far as researching is that the default search for THOMAS (the Library of Congress website for free legislative information) is the current session. If you want to see legislation from last year (or any prior years), you need to do an Advanced Search.


Tracking Federal Legislation

If you need to follow federal legislation, Open Congress is a terrific resource. You can use the non-profit site to track the progress of legislation, find information about how your own representatives or senators have voted, and use the “follow the money” tool which ties campaign contributions to the content in bills and specific votes. If you’re tracking bills, Open Congress is particularly helpful in that it aggregates official information from Thomas with related news and blog postings.