Self Defense Against Robots?

What are the legal implications of shooting down a drone that is trespassing on your property? What about disabling a peeping Tom drone? In their paper “Self Defense Against Robots”, Michael Froomkin and Zak Colangelo examine “when, under U.S. law, humans may use force against robots to protect themselves, their property, and their privacy.”




I’d Like to Check Out a ….Drone?

Phantom Drone in actionStarting in the fall the University of Southern Florida will have two drones available to check out from their campus library.

“The library’s hope is to integrate new technology to its services. In the past year, the library has worked to expand its ‘Digital Media Commons’ in an effort to promote digital learning. Now, USF’s library is taking it a step further by giving students the opportunity to operate the drones.

Dean of USF Libraries Bill Garrison says the drones could be a great resource for students working on multimedia projects, and sees the program working in conjunction with other departments at the university.

“There are a lot of opportunities for research and learning by using drones.”

The drones will be able capture photographic and video images. Students and faculty will have to take a training class before being allowed to check out the drones which cost $1500.00 each.

For more info, check out this CNN article.


Drones for Home and Commercial Use?

According to a guest on Warren Olney’s April 11th radio program “To the Point,” there are currently more drones in domestic use in the US than military use. In the foreseeable future drones will be the size of a fly and could follow people undetected. The use of drones domestically for home, commercial and law enforcement purposes raises major privacy concerns. Check out the To the Point episode or the New York Times coverage of the issue.