Fashion and the Law: An Exhibit

Harvard Law Librarians have curated a fun and thought provoking exhibit about the intersection of fashion and law. The exhibit begins by discussing sumptuary laws from ancient Greece and
Rome, and moves forward in time to the present. What Not to Wear: Fashion and the Law, curated by Mindy Kent, Meg Kribble, and Carli Spina, is on view in the HLS Library through August 12, 2016. Highlights may also be viewed online.


Movies in the Law Library Collection

The Law Library has a selection of popular movies with legal themes available in our collection. Some of the films include: To Kill a Mockingbird, Amistad and The Magdalene Sisters. Our film collection is located in the reserve area of the library and movies are available for check out. You can browse our feature films here. 


Children and Libraries Exhibit (April 2013)

Children and Libraries Exhibit

For those who have early memories of visits to the library, it may come as a surprise to learn that allowing children in libraries is a relatively recent historical development. This exhibit celebrates the libraries and librarians who fought to open libraries to children. View the materials on display to explore the many ways librarians sought to create welcoming spaces containing age-appropriate materials available to children. This exhibit was created by Donna Turner, library Collection Maintenance/Preservation Specialist, for National Library Week and Children’s Book Week. (2nd floor)


Banned Books Exhibit

Celebrate the Freedom to Read during Banned Books Week. For 30 years, libraries, publishers, booksellers, journalists, teachers and readers have been coming together to explore the issues and controversies around book challenges and book banning. Our new exhibit on the second floor highlights three recent book challenges and invites viewers to join the conversation.


Ancestry is not a Crime: A Tribute to Gordon Hirabayashi

The exhibit, located on the Law Library’s second floor, portrays Gordon Hirabayashi’s life through photographs, his journal, letters, news clipping, and other materials. Stephanie Wilson (Law Library) and Ryan Barnes (Communications) were responsible for the research, creation, and design of this unique display.

For additional information, please see our Hirabayashi Exhibit page.


History of Voting Exhibit

Come and visit the library’s History of Voting Exhibit, located on the 2nd floor. This exhibit provides information relating to the gradual expansion of voting rights as well as an overview of the technology of voting.


Banned Books Exhibit

This exhibit features authors that have been recently challenged or banned, along with excerpts from some of the authors regarding their thoughts and perspectives on book banning and censorship. (2nd floor)

For more information about Banned Books Week see the American Library Association.


Constitution Day Exhibit

Come see our exhibit celebrating the United States Constitution for “Constitution Day.”  Located on the 2nd Floor of the Law Library, this exhibit highlights the history and significance of the Constitution.


Do’s and Don’ts of the Library

Do's and Don'ts of the Library
Our “Do’s and Don’ts of the Library” exhibit informs patrons of our services and policies. (2nd floor)


The history of the Bluebook

Generations of law students, lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals have relied on the Bluebook’s system of citation in their writing. The law library’s newest exhibit features the history of the Bluebook. The Bluebook exhibit is located in the flat cases on the 2nd floor of the library. This exhibit was designed by former library intern Tilman Larson (class of 2007) and updated by Library Circulation Assistant Supervisor Charity Braceros, Administrative Assistant Aimee Nguyen and Librarian Kelly Kunsch.