Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an excellent starting point for research. It allows you to search across several databases at once, helping you to discover scholarly sources that might help you with your project. If you do this research while on campus, you’ll find that you can easily link from your Scholar results into the full text of the articles, since Scholar recognizes the campus-wide IP range and automatically links into subscription databases. Off campus, you’ll have to either go through the proxy server or find a workaround. Use the “cited by” and “related articles” links to find additional relevant information.


Google Scholar for Finding Articles

2700875131_debb446c81_nWhen you are searching for articles, especially in non-law fields, the standard research path has you pick the most appropriate database and search that content. But if you’re not sure which database to choose, Google Scholar can be a useful first choice since it includes information from a number of different academic databases. The only catch may be getting to the actual content. If you find a reference on Google Scholar, but you are unable to link directly to the text of the article, open the Library catalog and run a title search for the name of the journal (not the article, but the journal).  For non-law materials, make sure you run your search in the Lemieux library portion of the catalog.  Your results should link you to an online source for the journal, and from there you can locate the individual article. If you need help, you can always ask a reference librarian.