Study Aids

4558635016_5c2e11ce18The library has a variety of study aids located in our reserve section including: Nutshells, Hornbooks, Examples and Explanations, Emanuel Law Outlines and Gilbert Law Summaries.  Search our catalog for specific titles on the library catalog or see our Finding Study Aids Guide.  Remember, study aids are just that: aids to your regular study.  They are not a substitute for attending class and reading required material!



A hornbook is a treatise on the basic principles of a subject. There are hornbooks on a variety of legal subjects. The term is used generically for treatises but West Publishing (Thomson-Reuters) has a series actually named “Hornbook Series.” According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the hornbook is named for a children’s learning device from centuries ago consisting of a “leaf of paper containing the alphabet . . protected by a thin plate of translucent horn.”