Don’t let your laptop walk off

Study carrel

Theft can be a problem in any building on campus so we remind you to never leave personal belongings unattended in the library.  Remember to take valuable items with you when you leave or ask a colleague to watch books/backpacks if you will be gone for a very short period of time. Study rooms are no exception. Always use the laptop security devices installed on carrels and tables throughout the library to secure your computer. Security cables can be purchased in the bookstore.


Laptop Locks

If you plan to leave your laptop unattended at a library desk or carrel during a coffee break, we strongly encourage you to purchase and use a laptop locking cable. You can buy these in many places, including the University Bookstore.


Banning Laptops in Law School

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some professors are eschewing laptops in the classroom altogether.  Read one professor’s account of the ups and downs of his experience banning lap tops in his federal tax classes at the South Texas College of Law.