New and Notable: Learning From Law Firm Leaders

Learning From Law Firm Leaders by Susan Manch and Michelle C. Nash
Call Number: KF318.M28 2012

From the Publisher:

At its heart, leadership is best understood by what is observed: how leaders behave, think, and make decisions. The purpose of this book is to uncover the essential nature of leadership as it is lived by today’s law firm leaders.

The authors interviewed thirty-one highly effective law firm leaders from firms of all sizes and types, speaking with emerging, current, and succeeding leaders to get as broad a view as possible … This new book illuminates how these professionals lead in the face of obstacles presented by a competitive legal marketplace and the nature of a law firm as an organization.

Learning from Law Firm Leaders imparts what these legal professionals learned from their experiences; and allow you to expand your own thinking on the topic of leadership. The book aims to crystallize views on a number of relevant aspects of leadership that have not been discussed in great depth in the current literature on leadership. You’ll discover how the law firm environment is influencing both current and future leaders and what that may mean for the success of law firms in whatever type of marketplace they find themselves.


About that Photo on Facebook…

A recent post on Legal Blog Watch reports that several law firms are beginning to develop policies or guidelines for firm members who maintain social network sites.   Firms report wanting to ensure that the social media activities of individual lawyers are consistent with the firm’s image.