Dr. Carla Hayden, the Next Librarian of Congress?

President Obama nominated Dr. Carla Hayden to be our next Librarian of Congress. If the Senate consents she will be the first female Librarian of Congress, a post which hasn’t been filled by a professional trained librarian in many years.  Dr. Hayden’s nomination has been supported by more than 140 Libraries and Non-Profits. On April 20, she gave her opening statement to Congress, “Of all the titles I’ve had in my professional career I’m most proud to be called a librarian.” Watch the complete hearing here: http://cs.pn/240aL5p. The acting Librarian of Congress is David Mao, a lawyer and librarian by training who held the post Law Librarian of Congress.


Law Library of Congress

Everyone has heard of the Library of Congress but did you know there is also a Law Library of Congress? Established in 1832, it is the world’s largest law library with a collection of over 2.65 million volumes. There are books from the early years of publishing through the present day. They cover virtually all of the world’s jurisdictions and are written in numerous languages. And a few of them are not available on the internet. The Law Library of Congresses also publishes reports on a variety of legal issues. These reports are created to inform members of Congress but many of them are available online to the general public. If you are ever in the nation’s capital, it might be an interesting and less visited attraction. But until then, you will have to visit the website.