Check it Out: Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Once a third-rate superhero, Harvey Birdman is now a third-rate lawyer. His cases always involve legal disputes between cartoon characters, many from Hanna Barbera cartoons. Harvey Birdman, created by Michael Ouweleen & Erik Richter, was originally broadcast during the 2000-2001 television season on Adult Swim, and is based on the characters created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Check out the complete first season of Harvey Birdman from the law library.


Check it Out: Guilty as Sin

Guilty as SinA prosperous criminal attorney, Jennifer Haines (Rebecca De Mornay), represents a suave playboy David Greenhill (Don Johnson) who is accused of murdering his rich, socialite wife. Check out Guilty as Sin from the law library.


Check it Out: Young Mr. Lincoln

John Ford directed this fictionalized account of the early life of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln (Henry Fonda), raised in a log cabin, teaches himself the law and moves to Springfield, Illinois where he establishes a law practice. Soon after starting his practice, during an Independence Day celebration Lincoln prevents a lynch mob from killing two brothers who are accused of stabbing a man to death. He then defends the brothers in court, beginning his long career as a peaceful arbitrator. Check out Young Mr. Lincoln from the law library.


Check it Out: William Kunstler – Disturbing the Universe

This film is a biographical documentary about the life of William Kunstler by his daughters Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler. The film provides insight into the life of the most beloved and most hated lawyer in America. Kunstler represented Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Abbie Hoffman, Leonard Peltier, the Chicago Eight, and the American Indian Movement when they stood up to the U. S. government at Wounded Knee, but he also represented some of the most abhorred members of society, including rapists and assassins. Check out William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe from the law library.


Check it Out: Cape Fear

In this remake directed by Martin Scorsese, the convicted rapist Max Cady (Robert De Niro) is released after serving a 14 year prison sentence. Cady, a sadistic psychopath, is seeking revenge on the public defender, Sam Bowden (Nick Nolte), who defended him. Cady goes to great lengths to stalk and terrorize Bowden and his family. Check out Cape Fear from the law library.


Good News for SU Alum Janis Puracal

The Seattle Times reported that the release of Jason Puracal, brother of S.U. Law Alumna Janis Puracal (07), from prison in Nicaragua is imminent. Jason, a UW grad and former Peace Corp volunteer in Nicaragua, was arrested 2 years ago in Nicaragua and convicted of money laundering and drug trafficking. According to his sister, Janis, “Not one piece of evidence was presented at the original charging hearing – or subsequently. In a drug trafficking case, not one gram of drugs was presented as evidence. In a money laundering case, there was no evidence of money changing hands. In a conspiracy case, there could not show Jason had any ties to the other defendants.”

See the Seattle Times for more about Jason Puracal’s story.

For more information on Janis Puracal see the article in the Lawyer, a publication of Seattle University Law School.


Check it Out: Chicago

Chicago, the Academy Award winning musical, stars Renee Zellweger as Roxie Hart and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly. Both women are on 1920s Chicago’s Murderess Row for crimes of passion – Kelly for murdering her husband and sister when she found them in bed together, and Hart for murdering her lover when she found out he was not going to make her famous. Kelly and Hart share Chicago’s slickest, hotshot attorney played by Richard Gere, and fight to gain the fame and notoriety needed to keep them out of the gallows.


New and Notable: Solo by Choice 2011-2012

Solo by Choice 2011-2012: How to be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be by Carolyn Elefant
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor KF300.Z9E42 2011

From the Publisher:
Now in a 2nd edition, Solo by Choice is the most up-to-date resource for solo and small firm lawyers. Written by Washington DC solo and noted law blogger Carolyn Elefant, this is a comprehensive, hands-on guide to opening and maintaining your own law practice.

About the Author:  
Carolyn Elefant keeps quite busy. She’s an attorney, active legal blogger, into sustainable environmental causes, etc.


Check it Out: Music Box

A Chicago attorney, Ann Talbot (Jessica Lange), must defend her immigrant father Mike Laszlo (Armin Mueller-Stahl) who has been accused of horrendous war crimes. As Talbot proves her father’s innocence, she struggles with her own doubts. Check out Music Box from the law library.



Local Prosecutor to Help South Korea Establish Jury System

Read about the local prosecutor who will be working in South Korea to educate the legal community about the jury system in the United States.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Steven Kim, who has argued dozens of cases before King County juries, speaks fluent Korean. His language skills and time in the courtroom made him an ideal candidate to help South Korea in its effort to establish an American-style jury system. Kim, 36, flew from Seattle to Seoul on Saturday to begin a six-month assignment that could stretch to a year.

via Local News | King County prosecutor to help South Korea establish jury system | Seattle Times Newspaper.

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