Check it Out: Liar Liar

A fast-talking attorney’s young son is tired of his father’s neglect and habitual lying. So when his father, Fletcher Reede, misses his fifth birthday he makes a birthday wish that his father will stop lying for 24 hours. Unable to lie, Fletcher finds himself in precarious situations, especially in the courtroom. Check out the comedy Liar Liar from the law library.



Volunteer Opportunities through the WSBA

The Washington State Bar Association is a good resource for finding out about volunteer opportunities for lawyers and law students. See the information on their volunteer opportunities webpage.


Check it Out: Regarding Henry

A ruthless trial attorney, Henry Turner, suffers brain damage when he is shot during a robbery. He is left with no memories from before the accident, and must relearn to walk and talk. His recovery gives him a new perspective and a new connection with his wife and daughter, and he has to face a past that he can no longer relate to. Check out Regarding Henry from the law library today.



Check it Out: All of Me

Directed by Carl Reiner, All of Me is a comedy about a dying millionaire, Edwina Cutwaters, who decides to leave her fortune and her soul to a younger woman. But something goes wrong when the guru performs the soul transfer, and Edwina’s (Lily Tomlin) soul gets trapped in her attorney’s body with him. Steve Martin hilariously portrays Edwina’s attorney, Roger Cobb, and the complexities involved when two souls reside in one body.



Check it Out: Secretary

In Secretary Maggie Gyllenhaal portrays Lee Holloway, an awkward, shy young woman who has been hospitalized for harming herself. Hoping to move out of her parents house she looks for job and is hired as a secretary by E. Edward Grey (James Spader), a demanding eccentric attorney. Holloway and Grey develop a very unique relationship in this offbeat romantic drama.



Check it Out: Adam’s Rib

Adam’s Rib is a comedy about a husband and wife, played by Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, who meet in the courtroom as opposing lawyers in a case where a wife is accused of shooting her husband. Tensions mount at home and in the courtroom for the husband and wife lawyer team.



Lawyering Survival Guide

Thinking ahead to those days when you will be going to the law office and building your own practice?  Perhaps you have already found the page on law school success, but look further, The Lawyerist blog also provides advice on law firm marketing, practice management, technology, career development, legal ethics, and how to start a law practice.  Who knew that you could link to the Legal Careers pages and get tips on a variety of topics from dressing for success, specific practice areas and social networking?  Take a look at these links and see for yourself!


Oral Argument Pointers

Working on your oral argument? You might get some inspiration this new book in the library–Lincoln’s Counsel: Lessons from America’s Most Persuasive Speaker.
Abraham Lincoln’s years in the legal profession were essential to his eventual election to the Presidency. He was a practicing lawyer longer than any other president, and he was known for his skill in crafting successful closing arguments. As a president–with his Gettysburg Address, perhaps the greatest closing argument in history–he was able to persuade a bitterly divided country into ultimately doing what was right.

Lincoln’s Counsel uses examples from Lincoln’s great speeches and closing arguments to instruct the reader in the art of persuasion in two simple ways: by providing lessons from Lincoln’s career as a lawyer and politician, and then by analyzing those lessons and discussing how to apply them to your own life. Lincoln’s Counsel gives important advice about advocacy straight from the very best.


What to do with a law degree

“Practice law” is the obvious answer. But what kind of practice–family law, corporate law, juvenile justice? Perhaps you’d rather have an in-house counsel position? Or perhaps you’d rather use your law degree in some other way. The library has a number of books, at call number KF 297 in the Reserve section of the library, that can help you identify rewarding possible careers.


Vintage Wine Legal Research on a Box Wine Budget #1

by Jason Giesler, Law Library Intern

Those without access to a professional law library replete with leather-bound books and high- backed chairs need cheaper sources of legal information. Practitioners and interested legal researchers may want to begin their search in an obvious place: the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) website.  The WSBA site is an excellent source for all sorts of legal information. Simply click the tab labeled “for Lawyers” and you are on your way to all of the free (or nearly free) information that you can handle. (more…)