Featured Database: ProQuest Congressional Digital Research Collection

The Congressional Digital Research Collection is a database that includes comprehensive coverage of Congressional Research Service reports from 2004 to present. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a legislative branch agency that conducts policy research for members of Congress. Reports are prepared by nationally recognized experts on a wide variety of topics. The LexisNexis Congressional Digital Research Collection is available on the law library database page.


Featured Database: National Moot Court Competition Library

Hein Online provides digital access to the winning records and briefs from the 1st– 65th annual National Moot Court Competitions.  Documents can be searched from 1950-2015 to find on point discussions from the briefs and records written by the winning teams.  Check out Hein Online on the law library database page.


Human Trafficking Research

The Polaris Project offers a broad selection of resources for various actors within the anti-human trafficking movement. The site includes statistics, statutes, and pending legislation.


Check it Out: Writ Writer

Writ Writer tells the story of Fred Cruz, who became a jailhouse lawyer–writ writer in prison parlance–and the legal battle he waged to secure what he believed to be the constitutional rights of Texas prisoners. Check out Writ Writer from the Law Library, and follow Cruz’s courageous journey all the way to the Supreme Court.


Secured Transactions

So much law comes back to two things: tax law and secured transactions.  If you rent-to-own a TV or have a mortgage, you’re in a secured transaction contract right now.  It’s good to have a working knowledge of secured transactions even if you don’t want to go into business law, and this research guide by Kelly Kunsch can help you with just that.


Featured Database: ProQuest Statistical Insight

Need to find data on voter turnout, bankruptcies, product recalls, interest rates or other topics? ProQuest Statistical Insight may be able to help.  Statistical Insight is an online collection of individually indexed statistical tables, drawn from statistical compilations issued by the federal government, regulatory agencies, state governments and intergovernmental organizations as well as private sector and non-profit sources.  Check out this database on our Databases page.


A Case for Exempting Minors from Prosecution for Prostitution in Washington State

The June issue of the Northwest Lawyer includes a persuasive article by Debra Boyer which argues that the criminal code should exempt minors from prosecution for prostitution offenses. The article describes state laws, policies, and reports about domestic minor sex trafficking.


Featured Database: LegalTrac

Looking for a bar journal article that was published in 1985? There is a good chance that LegalTrac will be able to provide the information. There are over 1.6 million articles in the LegalTrac database. LegalTrac covers 1,400 legal periodicals and law-related topics in over 1,000 business and general interest periodicals. Coverage in LegalTrac begins in 1980 and it extends to the present. The database is an excellent source for current information, as it is updated on a monthly basis. All LegalTrac entries include bibliographical information. Additionally, LegalTrac provides abstracts, full text coverage, and images for some articles.

Interested researchers can access LegalTrac through the SU Law Library website. Information contained in the database can be accessed in a variety of ways. First, there is a traditional search engine, which allows researchers to search phrases by subject, keyword, or in the full text of documents. Next, researchers can search LegalTrac by browsing through different subjects. Finally, researchers can access InfoTrac by browsing through different publication types. The browse by publication tab includes a feature that allows the researcher to sort through different publications by target audience, publication format, and country of publication and language of publication.

LegalTrac is an excellent source of information for researchers looking for articles in both legal periodicals and periodicals on other topics. Using LegalTrac allows the researcher to trace the treatment of a particular topic in both legal and general interest periodicals.


Curious about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court?

The Federal Judicial Center site presents the history and scope of this special federal court.


The Lieber Code at 150

President Obama’s recent speech before the National Defense University was designed to initiate a discussion around Presidential power and the conduct of war. The laws of war have been the subject of intense academic discourse since their first systematic explication in the work of Frances Lieber. Professor Lieber first tackled the subject in a series of lectures at Columbia College’s new law school (later Columbia University) in 1861. He later refashioned the lectures into a more structured document that was subsequently issued by President Lincoln as Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field, General Orders No. 100 in 1863. The 157 articles in this code treat a variety of topics related to war such as the characteristics of a soldier, the treatment of prisoners and deserters, flags of truce, and assassinations. The Lieber Code influenced the development of similar codes by other states and prefigured the adoption of the Hague Conventions on Land Warfare and parts of the Geneva Conventions.