Check it Out: Dummy

Based on the true story of a deaf-mute, illiterate African American man (played by LaVar Burton) who is accused of murdering a prostitute. Paul Sorvino plays the deaf attorney who defends him but is unable to communicate with him. Watch as the case that challenged our legal system and challenges our concept of justice unfolds to see if the state can try a man incapable of defending himself. Check out Dummy from the law library.


New and Notable: When Law Fails: Making Sense of Miscarriages of Justice

When Law Fails: Making Sense of Miscarriages of Justice
Edited by Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. and Austin Sarat
New York: New York University Press, c2009
KF8700.W48 2009

From the Publisher:
Since 1989, there have been over 200 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States. On the surface, the release of innocent people from prison could be seen as a victory for the criminal justice system: the wrong person went to jail, but the mistake was fixed and the accused set free. A closer look at miscarriages of justice, however, reveals that such errors are not aberrations but deeply revealing, common features of our legal system. (more…)