Featured Database: ProQuest Congressional

ProQuest Congressional provides indexing (1789 to current) and selected full-text access (late 1980’s to current) to various publications of the United States Congress including bills, laws, hearings, testimony, reports, biographies, committee assignments, and voting records. It is a key online resource for compiling legislative histories. Contact the library reference desk for search assistance. A link to this resource can be found on the library database page.


Featured Database: ProQuest Congressional Digital Research Collection

The Congressional Digital Research Collection is a database that includes comprehensive coverage of Congressional Research Service reports from 2004 to present. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a legislative branch agency that conducts policy research for members of Congress. Reports are prepared by nationally recognized experts on a wide variety of topics. The LexisNexis Congressional Digital Research Collection is available on the law library database page.


Do Not Use “Free” Lexis or Westlaw for Work – A Reminder from Utah State Bar

It is well known that most law students in the U.S. have free [seemingly unlimited] use of major online subscription research databases. But use of these databases is an educational privilege and restricted to educational and nonprofit purposes (research and studies).

The Utah State Bar Ethics Advisory Committee found that an attorney’s misuse of a student’s educational Lexis or Westlaw access is not only an ethical violation but also amounts to theft of services, a criminal act (a potential felony).  According to the Committee’s November 15, 2011 ethics opinion, “numerous” students have reported that their “initial or continued employment” has been conditioned upon a willingness to violate their agreements with respect to research services.

You can read the whole opinion here.


Washington Specific Secondary Sources on LexisNexis

LexisNexis has a number of excellent Washington specific treatises that tend to get overlooked by students who focus only on Westlaw for their research.  The following titles may be found by clicking on Matthew Bender under the Secondary Legal heading and then choosing Washington under Jurisdiction: Washington Business Entities: Law and Forms, Defending DUIs in Washington,   Washington Criminal Practice in Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, Employment in Washington: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations and Practices, Washington Guardianship Law,  The Law of Evidence in Washington, Washington Insurance, Washington Administrative Law Practice Manual, Washington State Environmental Policy Act: A Legal and Policy Analysis.


LexisNexis 1L Book Scholarship Giveaway

LexisNexis is giving away two 1L Book Scholarships to two lucky Seattle University first year students!  To become eligible for the drawing you must be a first year Seattle U law student and complete the following steps:

  • Register Your Lexis Activation Code
  • Attend a 1L Intro to Lexis Training

Time period to become eligible is August 24, 2009 thru September 18, 2009.  Winners will be drawn on September 21, 2009.

Prize value of the book scholarships is $600 each!

Register for an Intro to Lexis Training now on the MySchool page.

More classes will be added soon.

Questions?  aaron.meyers@lexisnexis.com