April 24 – 30 Preservation Week!

The American Library Association website has info about Preservation Week. Preservation is a core responsibility of libraries. Library collections need to be cared for. Otherwise, books will fall apart or other calamities will occur. Taking care of the things we have is important, so is preserving the past. Preservation and the past has a special place in law libraries. Laws are among the many things law libraries preserve; state laws and regulations are always being replaced, updated, and transformed. There are many laws that deal with preservation too; here are a couple resources to help you enter this important area of law:

Historic Preservation Law in a Nutshell by Sara C. Bronin & Ryan Rowberry
Available at SU Law Library LAW-Reserve (KF4310.B76 2014)

The Antiquities Act: A Century of American Archaeology, Historic Preservation, and Nature Conservation by David Harmon, Francis P. McManamon, & Dwight T. Pitcaithley
Available at SU Law Library LAW-4th Floor (KF4310.A96 2006)


Law Library of Congress

Everyone has heard of the Library of Congress but did you know there is also a Law Library of Congress? Established in 1832, it is the world’s largest law library with a collection of over 2.65 million volumes. There are books from the early years of publishing through the present day. They cover virtually all of the world’s jurisdictions and are written in numerous languages. And a few of them are not available on the internet. The Law Library of Congresses also publishes reports on a variety of legal issues. These reports are created to inform members of Congress but many of them are available online to the general public. If you are ever in the nation’s capital, it might be an interesting and less visited attraction. But until then, you will have to visit the website.


Washington State Library to follow the Blue Angels?

It is big news in Seattle that federal budget cuts have caused cancellation of the Blue Angels’ annual visit to Seafair. In a similar vein, state budget cuts may impact another local institution: the Washington State Library. In recent decades, the library has been moved off of the Capitol campus. Budget constraints threaten additional changes. Read the Seattle Times article describing the budget maneuvering that has accompanied the library’s travails.


Check out the New Website for the Public Law Library of King County

The Public Law Library of King County was already a great resource for those who need access to legal information. Physically located in the King County Courthouse in Seattle and the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent, the law library provides reference assistance, classes, and access to legal resources. The newly revamped website provides access to their excellent guides, podcasts, and information. Check it out and let them know what you think.


The World’s Largest Law Library

With over 2.65 million volumes, the Law Library of Congress is the world’s largest law library. Founded in 1832, the law library of Congress has continuously served as the official law library for both Congress and the Supreme Court.


Stunning College Libraries

Library interiors are often works of art in themselves. Flavorwire has published The 25 Most Beautiful College Libraries in the World. Check out the stunning photos.


Treasures of the Vatican Library

Founded in 1475, the library at the Vatican is one of the world’s oldest continually operating libraries. The Vatican library houses a large collection, including 1.1 million printed books, 75,000 manuscripts and 8,500 incunabula (as pictured here, a hand-printed manuscript that was common in Europe prior to the invention of the printing press). Though closed to the public for several years of restoration, the Vatican library re-opened in September of 2010.


St. Catherine’s: The World’s Oldest Continually Operated Library

St. Catherine's While many libraries in the ancient world pre-dated it, the library at St. Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai, Egypt has been continually running since about 565 AD. Constructed near the site of the burning bush, St. Catherine’s was difficult to access for many years, as it required a 10 day trip by camel. The library currently houses about 5000 early printed books and 2000 scrolls. Included in the collection are some of the earliest printed works of Plato and Homer, along with pieces of a bible from the 4th century. You can also find St. Catherine’s Monastery on the web.


Card Catalogs

LOC Card CatalogWith the advent of online indexes, library card catalogs are now virtually obsolete. Amazing to think that less than 30 years ago, you may have been confronted with a seemingly endless card catalog if you wanted to access the Library of Congress. Card catalogs also required a lot of maintenance. For some reason the online-library search seems a bit more accessible.


Libraries as Art: The Library at Alexandria

Bibliotheca AlexandrinaOf all of the ancient libraries, the library at Alexandria is likely the most famous. As a symbol of affluence in many societies, library buildings often involve the latest and greatest elements from the world of architecture. This certainly rings true for both the ancient and modern libraries at Alexandria. The ancient library of Alexandria disappeared after it was destroyed by fire in 48 BC. In 2002, Egypt completed construction of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, near the site of the ancient library. Images of the stunning architecture of Bibliotheca Alexandrina can be viewed by navigating through its homepage.