The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Law

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Law is an eBook we have in our law library collection that may be of interest to you, whether you’re enrolled in Christian Perspectives on the Law or simply interested in the intersection of law and religion. Here’s the publisher’s description: “The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Law (OEBL) provides the most up-to-date and extensive treatment of the Bible and law yet attempted, both updating and expanding the scope of previous scholarship in the field. In comprehensive overviews, scholars at the forefront of biblical studies and law address three foci: (1) biblical law itself—its nature, collections, and genres; (2) the ancient contexts of biblical law, throughout the ancient Mediterranean (ancient Near Eastern, Greco-Roman, and Early Jewish); and (3) the afterlife and influence of biblical law in antiquity and in modern jurisprudence around the world. Essays include treatments of the Book of the Covenant, the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, Greek Law, and the Laws of Hammurapi, but also testimony and witness, property, ritual, rhetoric, gender, and sexual legislation.”

Follow this link if you’re interested.



Debate Map: Russia’s Use of Force in Ukraine

Oxford University Press is hosting a webpage that looks at the arguments surrounding the use of force in both the international and domestic context.ukraine-russia


The Syrian Crisis and International Law

The complicated political and military landscape in Syria continues to zigzag even as new diplomatic efforts to eliminate the use of chemical weapons take shape. In times of crisis, international legal scholars unleash a lively stream of commentary on the web. How to keep up with it? Oxford University Press recently began to map their statements focusing on the question of use of force in Syria. See the debate map here.

The library recently received a new book which introduces and provides a legal analysis of the Syrian conflict. It includes the texts of several international legal documents related to the crisis. See: Law and War in Syria: A Legal Account of the Current Crisis in Syria.