Research Guide on Exam Taking Resources

Need help preparing for exams? Consult our online research guide for a bibliography of books and other resources you may find useful for exam preparation.


Catalog Help

Need to know the ins and outs of searching the library catalog?  This research guide covers the basics of what is in the library catalog, basic searching, advanced searching, and where items are located.


New Student Information

This guide is a must read for those who are new to law school or for those who are still confused about anything in the library, from the card security system to how to reserve a study room!


Solo and Small Firm Practice

Many law graduates venture out into the real world in a small or solo practice.  This guide helps you with the basics, like how to start your own law library, keeping a business plan, and deciding where you want to locate your office.  Even if you’re just thinking about starting out solo or small, this guide is a great read about the realities of solo practice.


Researching Legal Careers

The Researching Legal Careers guide points to resources about general career planning and covers career specialties such as elder law or tax law. You can also learn about business etiquette and how to interview successfully. Look for it under the library’s Guides tab.


Learning New Research Systems

studyingThe Library makes many different research platforms available to students–Blackboard, Casemaker, Lexis, Hein Online and Westlaw—to name just a few. Take advantage of your free access during law school and learn to use these platforms. On each system, look for tutorials, help screens and videos to help you get the most out of them.


50 State Surveys

Need to complete a state law survey? This research guide gives you access to completed surveys and more.The Alaska State Reading Room


Law Library Locations

Did you know there are four floors in the law library?  It’s true!  This research guide can assist you in better navigating the library.  If you’ve thought “what now?!” when you see CULP next to a call number, this guide tells you the exciting story of where to find it (3rd floor!).  If you read all the way to the end, the secret meaning of the Court Level stacks will be demystified.


Statistics & Empirical Legal Research

The Sterling Law BuildingThe law librarians at Yale have put together a handy guide with statistical sources, datasets, and a tutorial about finding and using data. Check it out!


Research Guide on Exam Taking Resources

Starting to prepare for exams?  Consult our online research guide at: for a bibliography of books and other resources you may find useful for exam preparation.