Good News for SU Alum Janis Puracal

The Seattle Times reported that the release of Jason Puracal, brother of S.U. Law Alumna Janis Puracal (07), from prison in Nicaragua is imminent. Jason, a UW grad and former Peace Corp volunteer in Nicaragua, was arrested 2 years ago in Nicaragua and convicted of money laundering and drug trafficking. According to his sister, Janis, “Not one piece of evidence was presented at the original charging hearing – or subsequently. In a drug trafficking case, not one gram of drugs was presented as evidence. In a money laundering case, there was no evidence of money changing hands. In a conspiracy case, there could not show Jason had any ties to the other defendants.”

See the Seattle Times for more about Jason Puracal’s story.

For more information on Janis Puracal see the article in the Lawyer, a publication of Seattle University Law School.


The History of SU School of Law

Seattle University School of Law is almost 40 years old. To celebrate the 35th anniversary, Professor John Weaver wrote two short articles on the law school’s history. They were published in the law school’s “Lawyer” magazine and you can read both articles online.

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