Today in Legal History: Truman Orders U.S. Troops to Korea

On June 27, 1950, President Truman ordered U.S. Air and Naval forces to join forces with South Korea’s army in order to prevent the communist conquest of the independent nation.  Two days earlier, 90,000 communist troops of the North Korean Army invaded South Korea, prompting a U.N. Security Council emergency meeting and the call for a cease-fire order.  Truman’s action, in the midst of the Cold War, met with approval from Congress and the U.S. public. The Korean War continued until July 27, 1953, when after two years of negotiations an armistice was signed and the war ended.

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Local Prosecutor to Help South Korea Establish Jury System

Read about the local prosecutor who will be working in South Korea to educate the legal community about the jury system in the United States.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Steven Kim, who has argued dozens of cases before King County juries, speaks fluent Korean. His language skills and time in the courtroom made him an ideal candidate to help South Korea in its effort to establish an American-style jury system. Kim, 36, flew from Seattle to Seoul on Saturday to begin a six-month assignment that could stretch to a year.

via Local News | King County prosecutor to help South Korea establish jury system | Seattle Times Newspaper.

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