Washington State “Stuff”

You know it is the Evergreen State so you can probably guess the state tree (but not its botanical name) and you can probably guess the state fruit. But do you know the state tartan’s colors? Did you know there was a state tartan? Or a state ship? And who decides this stuff? The answer is the legislature (hopefully on slow days) and they are codified in the Revised Code of Washington–mostly in RCW Chapter 1.20. FYI, the redhawk is not the state bird.


Washington Apples, the Law and other Miscellania

It is apple harvest time in Washington and everyone knows that the apple is the official state fruit.  Did you ever wonder why?  It’s because there is a law making it so.  In fact, there is an entire chapter of the Revised Code of Washington devoted to adopting certain items as the “official” whatever:  tree, fish, song, dance, folk song and endemic mammal are a few of the recognized adoptees.  The chapter is RCW 1.20.  It even specifies that the proceeds from the official state song, “Washington My Home” shall be placed in the state’s general fund.  That should eliminate any budget shortfalls.  According to Wikipedia’s list of best-selling songs, the Legislature should have gone with “White Christmas.”