Who is Paying Taxes and How Much?

There are many claims about who is paying taxes and how much they pay.  As far as individuals and federal income tax, you can look at the statistics yourself. You can sort by state, tax rate and other characteristics.  Judge for yourself rather than relying on the talking heads at Fox News or the Huffington Post.


Proquest Statistical Insight: A nice source for numbers!

By Jason Giesler, Law Library Intern

Statistics play a major role in many types of legal and non-legal arguments. Whether you are drafting a brief, writing a paper, or trying to impress your friends with your knowledge ( a la Cliff Clavin), access to veracious statistical information can help!

In order to meet your needs, the library offers Proquest Statistical Insight, a comprehensive database with all sorts of statistical information.  Coverage available through Proquest is quite broad, with data from US Government reports published between 1973 and the present. The database is extremely easy to access through a search engine that pops up on the landing page.  Searching a broad term like “crime” yields over 9,600 results.  A toolbar on the left side of the screen allows the user to break down results by source, region, and subject.  Statistics are available from a wide range of locations.  My crime search yielded reports on a variety of topics and locations ranging from Cannabis statistics in Afghanistan to crime and development in Africa. Most of the results displayed include an abstract, so that the numbers can be accessed quickly, without having to read each full report. Overall, Proquest Statstical Insight is an excellent resource with easily accessible data!