Recommended Titles from the McNaughton Collection

The McNaughton collection is located adjacent to the recreational reading collection under the library stairs.

Scott McCloud The Sculptor (First Second Books 2015). Here’s a review from the from The New York Times by Stephen Burtmay:

“The Sculptor” is McCloud’s first book in nine years, his first graphic novel since 1998 and his first long, complete story with adult main characters. Easy to follow, replete with expressive faces, snappy transitions, close-ups, cutaways and countless variations on the standard nine-panel grid, “The Sculptor” reflects McCloud’s decades of interest in how to design and draw sequential art.

McCloud’s plot is easy to summarize: It’s the Faust legend. A sculptor named David Smith has washed out of the New York art world. Dealers once called him “the other David Smith,” to distinguish him from the eminence at Storm King; now they don’t call him at all. Penniless and despondent, he encounters the ghost of his granduncle Harry, who asks, “What would you give for your art?” David answers, “My life,” and so it is: The ­Devil-as-Harry offers him the power to shape anything — concrete, steel, flesh — with his bare hands, and “200 days to use it — before you die.”

After this book’s release, earlier this year, there was a heated bidding war for the film rights. Ultimately, Sony gained the rights to adapt it.