Lord of the Libraries

The journey to return overdue library books! A fate many have endured, some with success, others less so. But at least your journey never required a group of nine people setting out on a mythical quest! Before winning an Emmy for his work on the TV show “Heros”, special effects artist Chris Martin produced an eighteen minute informational short for his alma mater, the University of Kansas, entitled “Lord of the Libraries.” Check it out!


UW Librarians Go “Gaga”!

Many librarians love pop-culture and there have been no shortage of librarians jumping on viral video bandwagons to recreate our favorite songs and memes in library settings. From the Harlem Shake to Old Spice, librarians love the opportunity to have fun and be silly! Check out this classic video from our colleagues over at the University of Washington parodying Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”


Law student parodies Maroon 5’s “Payphone” with “Law School”

As a 2L at West Virginia University College of Law, Andy Loud understands the drudgery of law school. So he channeled his frustrations into a parody of Maroon 5’s hit “Payphone”, simply entitled “Law School.” The video has had over 155,000 hits, features many scenes in the law library, and we think this is one of the best legal pop-culture parodies yet!