Women in the Law Panel

CPD held a moderated panel discussion in Sullivan Hall. Guest speakers from corporate, law firm, and government backgrounds shared their personal career trajectories and respective leadership paths, as well as discussed topics such as networking, resources, and the importance of mentors.

Check out the following books about women in law:


Women-at-law : lessons learned along the pathways to success
Phyllis Horn Epstein, author. American Bar Association. Law Practice Division, sponsoring body. 2015
Available at SU Law Library LAW-4th Floor (KF299.W6E77 2015 )

Women attorneys and the changing workplace : high hopes, mixed outcomes
Phyllis Kitzerow, author. 2014
Available at SU Law Library LAW-4th Floor (KF299.W6K58 2014 )

Learning to lead : what really works for women in law
Gindi Eckel Vincent, author. Mary B. Cranston; American Bar Association. Commission on Women in the Profession, issuing body. 2013
Available at SU Law Library LAW-4th Floor (KF299.W6V55 2013)


New HeinOnline Database: Women and the Law (Peggy)

HeinOnlineHeinOnline is famous for its comprehensive access to law review articles, but there are many other great databases it features. “Women and the Law (Peggy)” was recently added to HeinOnline. It may be an especially useful resource if you take a course in jurisprudence.

Notable works include:

  • The 6-Volume work History of Women Suffrage (1881-1922) by Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Matilda Joslyn Gage, leaders of the National Woman Suffrage Association
  • The 7-Volume work Women in the World Today; International Report (1963) by Willard W. Wirtz & Esther Peterson

Here is the description HeinOnline provides: “Women and the Law (Peggy) is a collection that brings together books, biographies and periodicals dedicated to the role of women in society and the law. This unique collection of materials provides a convenient platform for users to research the progression of women’s roles and rights in society over the past 200 years. Also included are more than 70 titles from Emory University Law School’s Feminism and Legal Theory Project which provide a platform to view the effect of law and culture on the female gender.”

Here are the topics it covers:

  • Abortion
  • Famous Women – Biography
  • Feminism and Legal Theory Project
  • Legal Rights & Suffrage
  • Periodicals
  • Women & Education
  • Women & Employment
  • Women & Society
  • Scholarly Articles
  • Bibliography of Other Works


Check it Out: Women, War & Peace

This PBS mini-series challenges the conventional wisdom that war and peace are men’s domain, and reveals the central role of women in the quest for peace and justice in modern warfare. Narrated by Matt Damon, Tilda Swinton, Geena Davis and Alfre Woodard, this mini-series is the most wide-ranging global-media initiative ever produced on the roles of women in war and peace. Check out Women, War & Peace from the law library.


New UN Women’s Agency Coming Soon

Writing in the Global Post, Donald Steinberg of the International Crisis Group reports that the United Nations General Assembly is set to approve a new agency that will oversee international women’s issues. The proposed office, currently known as “option D” or the “composite entity”, will be administered by a new Under-Secretary General and consolidate several existing UN offices and their overlapping responsibilities into one agency.