Report on “New Media” and the Courts

On August 26 of this year, the Conference of Court Public Information Officers (CCPIO) released a report titled “New Media and the Courts.” CCPIO surveyed members of the judiciary to see if and how they used such things as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia. The results show that about 40% of judges used social media profile sites but judges not standing for re-election were much less likely to be on such sites. Generally, judges used the sites in their personal lives and many questioned the ability of using it professionally without compromising professional conduct codes of ethics. The entire report is more than 100 pages.


C-Span Interviews with Supreme Court Justices

On October 4, C-Span began airing a series of interviews with Supreme Court Justices.  All of the Justices except Sonia Sotomayor gave interviews (she was not confirmed when the filming took place).  In the interviews, the Justices talk about the history, procedure and inner workings of the Court.  You can see excerpts from the interviews on YouTube.